The Garden of Life

An introduction of the Healing Plants of India

Thousands of years ago, India's greatest sages established the Ayurveda, or Knowledge of Life, the main goal of which was the alleviation of human suffering. The sages of the Ayurveda saw all illness and all health as part of an interlocking whole—mind, body and spirit—that must be treated as one. For medicines and treatments, they looked to the natural world around them, to the plants used by forest tribes since the beginning of history.

The Garden of Life is a beautifully illustrated and practical guide to the use of plants in a range of applications—sacred, medicinal, culinary, cosmetic and aromatic. Each of the seventy plants, both familiar and exotic, is illustrated by an exquisite Indian miniature, painted especially for this volume by descendants of the master painters of Indian temples and courts.

In an age when Western medicine is finally looking outside the laboratory to ancient natural methods of healing, The Garden of Life is a tremendously timely book useful, informative and enlightening.

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