My Speech at the Celebration of Civil Services Day


I congratulate all of you on the occasion of ‘Civil Services Day’.

According to our Constitution, “Citizens are the fundamental building blocks of our country, and as such, they must be the focal point of governance”. The goal of our government is to promote the welfare of our citizens, in a transparent, accountable, and responsive manner. 

I have been emphasizing on “Transformative Governance” which is primarily aimed to bring about fundamental changes in the system and society by addressing the root causes of issues rather than just treating the symptoms.

In Odisha, the approach of civil services has been improving, both in terms of attitudinal change and adapting to new technologies making them more responsive,real-time accountable, and efficient. Our initiatives of 5T and Mo Sarkar are aimed to bring about real transformation in people’s perception of Governance. 

While, civil services were traditionally structured in a top-down approach, this approach is being increasingly replaced with growing recognition for more citizen-centric governance. This shift is being driven by factors, such as advances technology, changing public expectations, and the recognition that citizens are the ultimate beneficiaries of governance.  

Our government has been emphasizing the need for a more citizen-centric and outcome-oriented approach to governance. The government has also been promoting greater collaboration between different departments and stakeholders, as well as leveraging technology and data analytics to improve decision-making and service delivery.

Our aim of “transformative governance” shall fructify when civil servants appreciate that in changing times, there is an urgent need for shift in the mind-set and culture of the civil services towards being more proactive, creative, and flexible.

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