My Speech at Inauguration of Odisha Skill Conclave 2023


I welcome you all to the Odisha Skill Conclave 2023.

This is a time when our country is undergoing a significant transformation. Rapid technological advancements and changing job markets have made it imperative for us to invest in our human capital and equip our young generation with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

I firmly believe that skill development is not just a moral obligation, but also an indispensable economic pre-requisite. Skilling youth leads to human transformation. 

Industry 4.0, and the Future of Work and Skills are the buzzwords in the skilling industry right now. The Government of Odisha has kept a budgetary provision of Rs.100 Crore for this year for new scheme ‘NUA Odisha’ to train one lakh youth in future technologies like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality- Virtual Reality, Data Science, 3-D printing and other futuristic knowledge.

To achieve this, we need a collaborative effort between the central ministries, state government departments, industry, academia, and civil societies. 

We must work together to develop policies and programs that not only promote skills development but also ensure that those skills are recognized and valued in the job market.

The Government of Odisha is committed to this cause and has launched several initiatives such as transforming the lives of the 70 Lakh of Women Mission Shakti members through supporting them in becoming Small Medium Enterprises, promoting startups and nano-unicorns.

During various platforms and consultations, employers have now started recognizing the skill talents of Odisha. 

Now time has come, when people are asking “Are you Skilled or Are you Skilled-in-Odisha”. The brand Skilled-in-Odisha is now ready to shine across the Globe.

However, we cannot achieve our goals without the active participation of the private sector. I urge the industry to come forward and partner with us in this endeavor. 

In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants for their valuable contributions and ideas at this Odisha Skill Conclave 2023. 

                                                     Bondey Utkal Janani

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