My Speech At 51st Annual Conference of All Odisha Lawyers Association


I am delighted to be here today to attend the 51st annual conference of All Odisha Lawyers’ Association. I congratulate all of you on this happy occasion.

Lawyers are the pivot of our justice system. They represent the bridge between the justice seeker and delivery of justice. Therefore, it is quite clear how dependent is our justice delivery system on the efficiency of lawyers. We require our lawyers to be knowledgeable, intelligent, and above all, an unrestrained passion for providing justice, especially to poor and helpless people.

My government is committed to provide justice to the vulnerable sections of society. We have taken a number of steps to reach out to weaker sections through various institutional mechanisms such as Madhu Babu Legal Aid Camps at panchayat level, legal literacy camps through Legal Services Authority and several other initiatives.  I expect all of you to stand solidly behind the efforts for delivery of justice to people who are far away from the complexities of the legal system.

The lawyers’ community in Odisha is an asset to our society. They have always been supportive of our initiatives for the transformation of the state at all levels. The state government is very sympathetic to the welfare of lawyers’ community. 

We have established welfare trust for the advocates with an annual grant of Rs 5 Crore. We are also working to improve the infrastructure of our courts in state and established a Judicial Infrastructure Management Agency.

I am aware of the demands of your association. We are always keen to fulfill your justified demands. We will consider the demands with a sympathetic   outlook.

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year 2023.

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