Speech at Dharitri Business Eminence Awards


I am delighted to attend the Business Eminence Awards function organised by the Dharitri and the Orissa Post.  I congratulate all the award winning entrepreneurs and industry leaders on this occasion. 

I am glad to say that Odisha has shown a spectacular growth of 10.1% in the fiscal of 2021-22 which is way ahead of national GDP of 8.8% in the same period. The industries sector is set for a high growth of 14.5 percent. This is really quite a good time for our industries.  I hope all the entrepreneurs and top business leaders of the state will carry the momentum forward in the current financial year.

Odisha has received over Rs.4.4 lakh crore investment intent during last 3 years.  This could create employment opportunities for over 1.5 lakh people. I am sure, Odisha will continue to be the most favoured destination of investors from all across the globe. 

I congratulate the Dharitri and Orissa Post for conducting this wonderful initiative which will definitely encourage the business community of Odisha.  Our business eco-system is one of the best in India and we will continue to make improvements to provide best possible opportunities to people who can create jobs in our state.

I wish all the best to the award winners who have become a role model for our young entrepreneurs by achieving this kind of success.

Thank You
Bondey Utkal Janani

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