Speech at Inaugural session of CHEMCON-2021


I am glad to participate in the inaugural session of CHEMCON-2021 and extend my warm greetings to all the delegates.

         This year’s theme for CHEMCON, “Sustainable utilization of resources for chemical and mineral sector”, is an extremely important one for Government of Odisha as well. My Government has taken several measures over the years to ensure that we sustainably leverage our natural resources for the development of the State and its people.            

           Odisha has been marching ahead on the path of industrial development powered by the metals and mineral sector. We have consistently been ranked amongst the top States in terms of live manufacturing investments in India.

          As we look towards the future, we have taken concerted efforts to diversify the industry portfolio of the State. In view of this, my Government has identified the Chemicals and Petrochemicals sector as a key focus sector. 

          Taking the mantra of “infrastructure-led-development”, we are coming up with Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment Region in Paradeep and port related industrial complex at Dhamra and Gopalpur that will further aid the growth of the Chemicals sector in the State. 

          I hope that CHEMCON-2021 will come up with new and innovative ideas towards even more sustainable ways of resource utilization in chemical and mineral sector that will further aid our efforts in developing Odisha into a global player in the Chemicals sector. 

          I would also request all the entrepreneurs attending the event to explore Odisha. If you consider Odisha as your next investment destination, I assure you, Government of Odisha will provide you the best-in-class facilitation and enabling environment for growth.

          I wish the event a grand success.

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