Inclusion of Revenue & Disaster Management Department under 'Mo Sarkar'


"I am delighted to launch the "Mo Sarkar" Initiative today for Revenue and DM Department. With this, all the Tehsils and Registration Offices of the State, which provide more than 70 lakh public services to citizens, now come under this initiative.

Tehsils and Registration Offices are the heart and soul of rural administration. They must be seen as efficient, accountable and responsive to the needs of people. Keeping this transformative vision in mind, I had launched issuance of E-Certificates programme through E-District Portal in December last year under 5-T initiatives. Registration Offices will be on the focus of Mo Sarkar Programme.

I am glad that, through the new Portal, more than 2 lakh Citizens have applied for various cenificates and 135 lakh Citizens have received their certificates without visiting any Govt office. The Revenue and DM Department is way ahead in adopting Five-T Initiatives and perfectly ready to embrace Mo &vicar. The State Government has abolished all types of fees for obtaining Miscellaneous and Caste certificates. This will directly benefit around 50 Lakh Citizens including Students, who apply for various certificates annually.

Under the e-PAUTI Portal, Citizens have already paid land revenue online in respect of 1.4 lakh Khatiyans. In all mutation cases, updated RoR is delivered at the doorstep of Citizens through speed post. Registered deeds are also delivered to Citizens at their doorstep through speed post based on consent. I am happy that, Citizens are now getting registered deeds on the same day of registration.

Mo Sarkar will bring in more professionalism and accountability. A strong feedback mechanism must be established to ensure behavioral change in local offices. Respecting the dignity of citizens coming to Government Offices is very very essential and all the Government Employees should take note or it."

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