Speech in Senior Officers’ Conference


Family is very important to all of us.

We want our children to study well.

We want our brothers and sisters to get the best of jobs.

We want our parents to have good health care facilities.

I have a family of  four and half crore people of Odisha.

With their blessings, I am serving them for the last twenty years.

I want our children to have quality education.

Our brothers and sisters to have good jobs.

Our elders to have good health care facilities.

You are all the drivers of this transformation agenda  and

I am sure this conference will help us in this regard.


The  spirit behind our governance is reflected in the preamble of MO SARKAR.



Today I would like to administer us an Oath.

People are the soul of democracy.

Every institution in a democracy

is for the people…….

 created  by their money …….

 to  empower and serve the people.

Every institution exists for serving the people …..

  they own the institutions.

Every person visiting any institution

 will be treated with dignity

 and his issues have to be treated

 in a Professional and ethical manner.

People are the masters

 and those who work are paid by the people.

All the very best for your deliberations.

At the end of the conference I would like each  one of you to share a transformational game changing idea with me directly ……

CMO will co-ordinate this.


                                  BANDE UTKAL JANANI.

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